Welcome - Clair Sentients

Joely Richardson – 

14/12/2001 ‘I’ve never felt so relaxed as after Graham’s healing session.’

Mellinder Messenger –

17/08/2002 ‘ Graham, Brilliant. You obviously do have the gift because you got it all spot on. All assumptions are correct. The healing was fascinating and I’d definitely do it again.’


Adele Silva 

2003 ‘The healing hands were relaxing.’

Donna Air 

2002 ‘The clairvoyant mannerisms were accurate, and the healing was relaxing.’

Toya Wilcox 

29/05/2002 ‘Graham, I immediately felt more confident and secure afterward.’

Hayley Evetts

2002 ‘Graham, the clairvoyance was very accurate.’

Kate Thornton 

2001 ‘Trust me, Graham’s healing did have an effect, I’ve been feeling unusually energised since we met. His predictions were pretty good.’

Liza Aziz 

2000 ‘Graham’s clairvoyance was accurate, and his healing gave me a lot of energy’

Tamzin Outhwaite 

07/Feb/2001 ‘Graham’s Healing was better than reflexology for relaxation’.

Andrea Catherwood 

2003 ‘Graham’s healing was very relaxing and he accurately predicted my next key birthday.’


Shebay Ronay

2002 ‘The clairvoyance was very accurate.’

Michaela Strachan 

19/09/2001 ‘Graham’s clairvoyance came about the following week as predicted’.


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