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Graham gave a reading to Petronella Wyatt in January 2003, see media clips section, describing Boris as her future husband, not knowing she had been having an affair with Boris for 3 years, but Boris was sacked from the front bench in 2004 after he had forced her to have an abortion in October 2014.

Graham gave a 9/11 speech in the council chamber stating terrorists should not be allowed to enter politics but did not expose Maria Gatland who he was standing against in the 2002 election but she was later exposed in 2008 as an IRA gun runner.

The Tories lost the 2002 local election after Graham got a CCJ against them on money owed but Graham had been warned by Mervyn Gatland in 2001 not to cross the Tories due to their powerful Masonic links.

When Graham named a missing child abductor, see media clips section, he was swamped with criticism for trying to get publicity, but more recently has been shown correct.

Graham wrote to Princess Diana on 28/8/1997 warning she would die in an accident with a Porsche on 31/8/1997. Posted 29/8/1997. Received at Kensington Palace 30/8/1997. Ignored

The reason he wrote was that On 13th August 1997, Diana and Dodi Fayed flew in by helicopter for a one-hour visit to renowned psychic Rita Rogers – setting tongues wagging and sparking a media frenzy. And they had visited her in the previous month when Diana told the press that she promised a shocking announcement about her future saying there would be a big surprise in a few weeks. It was obvious that Diana did not know what the surprise was and assumed it was good but mediums do not give bad news but he wanted to warn her as the press would then pursue her even more causing the car chase and accident.

Graham wrote to Julian Assange in August 2010 offering support as Graham was working as a volunteer for the Met Police Offending Team at the time.

Likewise, Graham wrote to Max Clifford in December 2012 offering support.

Tim Paul Hall was sharing Grahams consulting room until an East Asian lady came to Tim for healing, and raised her hand during the session, and then demanded money from Tim, and Tim committed suicide in 2008.  

Graham was at school with Roy Tutill, who was abducted and murdered. Later Graham was working at the milk marketing board and kept getting images and wrote to the police who by that time had DNA technology and added it to the database and then Brian Lunn Field, previously employed at the Milk Marketing Board, was sentenced to life imprisonment after a drink driving test, which was the oldest UK cold case to be solved after 33 years. Graham then got a plaque erected for Roy at the front of the Chapel opposite the school at an event attended by the police.

Graham was born 1/March 1954 in Walthamstow on the Greenwich Meridian at the same time that the 1st H bomb was dropped on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands sending a surge of energy around the globe. Marshall is the maiden name of his Mum. Graham fell off his bike smashing his forehead when he was young and electrocuted himself later. Many mediums are triggered by being born in a thunderstorm, or having accidents, etc.

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