Welcome - Clair Sentients

Ruth, Streatham Hill

Thank you for texting me to go from Tulse Hill to Farringdon, rather than from Streatham Hill (and getting the circle line from Victoria), before I came into London on 07/07/05. Also thanks for texting telling me not to go to London on 21/07/05. Plus my life has never been this good since the healing. Also, my sinuses are a lot better. 

Danielle, London

Thank you for warning me about the Tsunami before my Xmas holiday.

Lisa, Kent

Thank you for telling me to get my husband home from working in New York before 9/11.

GMTV, Christmas Party readings

‘It seems a lot of people were really interested in seeing Graham, and we’ve had some really good feedback from everyone.’

Rossano Rubicondi 

‘I could not pay my rent, but was introduced to Graham by my flatmate, and then met Ivana Trump, and have been her partner for the last few years (see top photo). and was her husband for a few years with Donald Trump attending and organizing the prenuptial agreement.


LBC Christmas Party Readings

Organiser (see below photo): 2004 ‘I’ve had lots of people coming up to me saying how great they thought it was’ and 2005 ‘it was amazing; the feedback was excellent and everyone had a fab time’. 

 Geraldine Maloy, Queensland

‘I had the blood test, and they found the exact 2 viruses that Graham predicted.’

Linda, Hampstead

‘My cats kidney creatinine blood test showed improvement from 410 to 340 after the healing session even though the vet said the best improvement from any treatment would be 400 and her energy has improved and she is less dehydrated.’

Joyce Howard, telephone.

‘My luck changed as soon as I had seen Graham, and things previously rejected were accepted.’

Raddy Dudova, e-mail

‘He is a genius, when I stepped into the clinic I felt like I’m was going to die in a minute, but when I left I felt so refreshed. I still feel very good.’

Adele Broderick, e-mail

‘I just wanted to say thanks for such an accurate reading…I have spoken with relatives who confirmed most, if not all, you have said. The date you gave of 28/Feb/02 for the job change was exactly correct.’

Andrea Green, e-mail

‘Thanks. Given me some encouragement. Symptoms are spot on.’

Suzanne Sharp, e-mail

As promised by you I am moving house on 6th Oct. Well done. I was supposed to move back home last April and didn’t imagine it would be October. Many Thanks.

Sarah Atkinson, e-mail

‘After your e-mail reading the missing bracelets both turned up on the sideboard as you predicted.’

Naomi Lewis, e-mail

You were right about the French link with my MA.

Heather, e-mail

‘I just want to say thank you for the reading. The things you said made me feel so much better in myself.’

Miny Khuli, Leicester

‘Thanks for your help, and advise, for my parents.’

Mrs. Le Monnier, Jersey

‘After the reading I realised that the things you said were truer that I realised.’

Royal National Institute for the Blind

‘I would like to thank you very much for your time on Halloween 2005 at the London Dungeon. You and your readers were well received by the group and they enjoyed interacting with you. We raised over £ 5000’


Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work that you contributed to our event on Valentines Day 2003. We especially appreciate the extra time you gave us. It was a great success raising over £5000 and it has been labelled as the best party to date. From the feedback we have received our guests were delighted to talk with you and listen to your predictions. Your contribution was invaluable and made the evening even more memorable for everyone.

Zarina Sheikh, e-mail

You thankfully made my badly sprained ankle better.

Josette Elswick, e-mail

I found your responses to be so very helpful, and will need your help again.

Christina, e-mail, 2005

You said I would move to somewhere beginning with a C, and I said Clevedon, but you said no c+vowel, and the Clevedon sale fell through on survey, and the next one in Yately fell through, but now we are moving to Congresbury. Also you said the new job wouldn’t last long, and it was less than a month, a personal record. And the house prices dropped after the date you told me to sell on, so I sold at the right time, thanks.In terms of cycle and hormone imbalances, the healing has had more effect than the previous time of medical/chemical stimulation, for health generally this is good. The hot flushes have stopped since the healing, and my cycle re-starts pretty quick after each session, and I have had my 1st 28 day cycle since 1999, so whatever you do is very good. And my varicose veins have gone. Also the last session gave me energy and felt extremely bubbly/happy for a few days. Plus I had the best nights sleep for weeks. Christina follow-up email 2012 – after 7 years of healing, your clairvoyant diagnosis and healing gave me healthy perfect twins in 2012 at my then age of 48 years old.


Gillian Park, London

They said I had a gallstone, but you said I had 2, and when they operated 2 came out.

Tiffany Van Wensween, Slough

Strangely, my consultant phoned the day after you removed the influence from my house.

Louisa Bunkall, e-mail

Thank you for the reading, and for answering a couple of my friends’ questions too, they really appreciated it.

Lisa Patterson, e-mail

Thank you for the clairvoyance, I will be returning very soon. I felt an amazing connection with you and you were right, my emotions came flowing out the next day (much to my surprise). I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Clare Bird, e-mail 

A property came up the day after the reading which had circular parts as predicted. 

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