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19/03/04 Caroline Feraday

Graham predicted that Charles and Camilla would marry as he saw a smile on their faces.

Graham predicted that Blair would just win the 2005 election.

Graham correctly guessed the star sign (Gemini) of the Celebrity Guest (Clare Nasir from GMTV Weather)

Telephone callers:

Helen: ‘The description of the career change made sense and yes there was a break with someone female before they passed on.’

Gerrard: ‘Yes, the boxed in description is because I am a taxi driver.’

Claire: ‘Yes, I feel anxious’.

Steve: ‘Yes, I my feelings will change when my son is born.’

Mike: ‘Yes, the cat would have taken the wrong turn as we have moved’

Nadia: ‘Yes, I have eye strain from the PC.’

Mark: ‘Yes, I can understand a celebration as I am a student.’

Adam: ‘Yes, it does make sense that I have a fear of success.’

Susan: ‘Yes, my poetry was successful. Yes, I feel my late Mum coming and going. Yes, I feel my right hand being brushed by her.’

Helen: ‘Yes I think my marriage will hold from separation.’

Rachael: ‘Yes, my career is busy.’

Sabrina: ‘Yes, I enjoy studying.’

Anne: ‘Yes my husband would put his head on one side to show he was listening’.

Mira: ‘Yes, my child is taking 3 exams.’

Sharon: ‘Great, I recognise that success.’

Leanne: ‘Yes, I need to concentrate while driving.’

Janet: ‘Yes, my loss was 2 years ago.’

Note: Graham also did Crystal Ball readings at the LBC Xmas Parties in 2004 and 2005 and the organiser e-mailed to say respectively ‘I’ve had lots of people coming up to me saying how great they thought it was’ and ‘it was amazing; the feedback was excellent and everyone had a fab time’.

Paper on Testing Alledged Mediumship

Richard Wiseman Hertfordshire University

Ciaran O’Keefe Liverpool Hope University

The 5 top UK mediums (who are all Spiritualist National Union Class B members) were tested with anonymous sitters in separate rooms with no visual, sound, etc., contact before, during, or after.

Graham Dare was medium 2.

Results: Inspection of the data revealed that there was only one occasion (medium 2’s, reading for sitter B) when the sitter for whom a reading was intended assigned a higher rating to the reading than the other four sitters.

For mediums 1-5 respectively:

Total diagonal ratings were 787, 1440, 78, 356 and 1469 (making medium 2 a close 2nd).

Consistency p-values were 0.89, 0.27, 0.27, 0.77 and 0.66 (making medium 2 the most consistently good, and medium 3 the most consistently bad).

The night I spoke to my dead father

By Petronella Wyatt, 19/01/03

My father was sitting there, beside me, just three feet away. This was singularly odd and extremely unexpected as he has been dead for five years and one month. I felt a bit like freaking out. I saw his facial expression, his body movements, even his eyes. I have never seen a ghost – never believed in them – but this was the closest I had come to the experience so many others make claim to.

This had all come about when I received a letter from a man called Graham Dare, who called himself a clairvoyant and spiritual healer. I had never heard of Mr Dare. The letter invited me to a 90-minute session. It was accompanied by various glowing testimonials by such ‘celebs’ as Melinda Messenger and Joely Richardson.

This made me cynical, so I decided to go along and expose what I assumed would be a superannuated quack. My visit belied this impression, however. Dare’s room was simple and free of photos of himself with his better-known clients. It had one couch, a table and two chairs. Dare, a man in his mid-40s, was dressed in a white shirt, a severe face and a beard.

Nothing like Mystic Meg, then. More like Grim Graham. He shook my hand gently and asked me to sit down. Inexplicably, shyness overcame me and I was at a loss for words. Eventually I blurted out that I had been bereaved five years ago.

‘Ah yes,’ he said in a low, cello-contralto voice. ‘I get a lot of bereaved people. I use clairvoyance to contact their loved ones.

‘Well, can you contact my father?’ I asked, without much hope. My father, the late peer and former Labour MP Woodrow, was hard enough to contact when he was alive, so I doubted Dare would get through to him in the afterlife. But he told me he would try to ‘tune in’. ‘I might not reach him but someone close to him,’ he warned. This alone would be a miracle, I mused. But then something extraordinary happened.

Dare’s face suddenly took on my father’s distinct beaming smile, one that crossed his whole jaw and lit up his face. ‘I’m beginning to talk with my hands,’ said Dare softly, ‘and rubbing my face. I never do that. He did. I can feel him.’ Good gracious. I was losing my fear and had begun to feel a little moved by the old, familiar sight.

Then Dare’s right hand, resting on his knee, began to tremble slightly. I asked him why and he said it was my father. This struck me forcibly. I had demanded if Dare had ever read about my father and he swore in the negative. Even if he had been fibbing, it had never been made public that Dad suffered from Parkinson’s disease, which caused a slight tremor in his hands. Dare clutched his stomach and said he felt great pain. ‘His death had something to do with that,’ he pronounced. It was true. Although his obituaries said he died of cancer, the actual cause of death was a burst stomach artery. Dare then felt his chest and throat, claiming a restriction there. I stared in astonishment. That was where my father’s tumor had been.

With tears pricking my eyes, I urged Dare to reach my father again. During these sort of speaking trances he took deep breaths and leaned back. ‘I see grey hair, but curly,’ he said. That was his first big mistake. His hair had been white and as straight as a die. Perhaps he was seeing my elder half-brother, Nicholas.

Can I have a message please, Graham? I asked a little tentatively. Maybe my father would start berating me from the grave.

‘He tells you not to be put off by the obstacles you are facing but to forge on. He sends you great love and encouragement.’ This was a bit vague, if kind.

But then Dare said something really extraordinary. ‘He wants to apologise to you and your mother over something to do with works of art. He knows he made a mistake which has left you with a financial burden. I also see a house over which he made a mistake.’

This was truly astonishing. No one outside the family knew that my father had overvalued all the paintings in our house and failed to buy the freehold when it was offered him. This had indeed left us in financial difficulties. And now he was saying sorry. He never said sorry very often, and this time I felt like weeping.

There was no stopping Dare now. ‘He is telling you to be a good judge of character like he was, especially when it comes to relationships.

Who will I marry, then? I was told I would marry a man in his 40s who had something distinctive about his left eye. I hoped this wasn’t a tick.

‘ No,’ said Dare. ‘Maybe he rubs it sometimes, or it is unusually bright. You have met him once or twice but suddenly you will feel a strong emotional connection. This is the man your father thinks is right.’

I couldn’t think who this could be. I had sat next to men in their 40s, on their left, so I wasn’t able to see much of them but their left eyes, but I hadn’t liked any of them.

Dare went on: ‘He will nod in conversation, be wiry, and have a voice that sounds as if he has a sore throat.’ I was beginning to be revolted by my future husband, so I asked him to tell me about my mother, who is still alive.

He reeled off her medical weakness, including spine curvature – true, and again not public knowledge – other genuine health complaints and a précis of her life and character. ‘She has suffered much and traveled from place to place,’ he said. This is vaguely accurate. She was a refugee. But she has also taken a lot of foreign holidays. I asked him to contact my Hungarian great aunt Vili because I had a bone to pick with her. She was supposed to leave me her jewels in her will, but instead became a nymphomaniac in her 70s and gave them to taxi-driver toy boys. Dare couldn’t get her to apologise, which didn’t surprise me as she was the most impossible woman in our family.

She did, however, die under somewhat mysterious circumstances. Her nurse would let no one in to see her and when the will was found, Vili, surprisingly, had left her flat to this woman. Was it murder?

Dare said not. But he added that there was a secret document hidden somewhere that would clear things up. Where was it hidden? He hadn’t a clue. Next I asked him about great-aunt Edith – the ugliest woman alive, until she died. Dare tried to say, kindly, that she went dotty in her last decade, which is an understatement. She left her door open and invited perfect strangers in to see her.

‘I see seven people,’ Dare said abruptly. I was gob-smacked. One birthday she picked up seven men and invited them to sit round her table and celebrate. Dare also said he smelt mothballs and wrinkled his nose. I told him Edith always wore the same boiler suit which did indeed whiff rather mustily. ‘I see an athletic woman, though. A great skier.’ This too was correct. Edith skied into her 70s. She had nothing else to do, poor soul, as no man ever wanted her.

I was keen to enquire about my father’s family, though, including his son from his previous wife. ‘I see Swiss in this woman’s family.’

‘No,’ I said. ‘She had Italian blood.’ ‘Was it Swiss Italian?’ ‘No, Graham,’ I insisted to his chagrin. This man was certainly persistent. He didn’t like taking no for an answer. I explained that I hardly ever saw my half-brother Pericles, who lives in America, and waited for a response.

‘I think you feel he has shafted you,’ Dare said sadly after a while. His instincts were true once more, but I had no intention of explaining further. ‘You push him away. He doesn’t move much towards you. But you push him back.’ Also correct. He might call once a year. A call I don’t return.

What about my father’s living blood relatives in England? I wanted his views on them. When Dare thinks he is right he really does think he is right. ‘They are very pragmatic,’ he said. I laughed out loud. The very opposite is true, alas. Kooky would be a better description. Dare had dared and not won this time.

It seemed a good moment to ask him about myself. He reached over and took my hand in his. I recall it being light and cool, producing a tingle in my own. ‘I see a double side to you. On the one hand you give the impression of being very extrovert and self-confident but on the other you have a deep need to seek advice and protect yourself.’ From what? He didn’t say, but it was a good summary of my paradoxical character.

Apparently I had also had a shock which I still have not got over. (This is correct, again. I have had two bad shocks in the past year and still feel them.) Dare told me I was very strong, like my parents, and would achieve whatever I desired and be a great success etc, but I doubt he says to his clients they will be big, fat failures. I took this opportunity to ask him how he became a clairvoyant.

‘It has always been a natural gift,’ he answered matter of-factly. ‘When I was a child growing up in London I saw ghosts and doors opening and shutting. I was very scared. But then many years ago I heard a medium on the radio who gave me courage to try to use this gift.’

Dare had worked in computers, but at the age of 36 he decided to visit a spiritualist church, the nearest thing to a university for mediums. There he trained for ten years before being allowed to practise.

Neither of his parents was spiritual — his father had been an accountant, which says it all, his mother was highly wary, but both proved supportive. I asked Dare what the Christian line was on clairvoyance. Surely the established Church still regarded it as heresy? ‘Yes, they don’t like communicating with the dead. But in my view Jesus is the best example there is of a clairvoyant and spiritualist.’

That is true. But he was the Son of God. And I doubt even Dare would venture to claim that parentage. At that moment he reached out, pressed my paw again and claimed to feel stress. Did I sleep? No is the straight answer. For many years I have suffered from insomnia. Dare suggested I lie on his couch. He passed his hands over me, three inches from my body, and I felt an intense heat and energy. His, unfortunately, not mine. I became tingly and light-headed.

After half-an-hour, Dare said my insomnia would vanish in a few days. I came to the Clinic as an unbeliever. Generally, I still am a sceptic. Most so-called mediums are probably frauds or deluding themselves and their clients. But maybe, just maybe, there are a few who can do something we can’t. Maybe there is a scientific explanation we have yet to discover. Perhaps a handful of men and women can really communicate on another plane.

And just maybe, just maybe, Graham Dare is one of them.

“2003” ‘Kilroy: When we spoke to Ray and Graham I thought OK there is something in that.’

‘Ray Dyer (patient): It worked for me with Graham, having not had any improvement previously for my heart condition in 16 years of seeking help elsewhere and I haven’t had an attack in the years I have continued seeing Graham every 5/6 weeks to keep me topped up.’

‘Michelle Devane (Trainee): Graham trained me at Battersea Spiritualist Church’.

‘Graham Dare: Healing should happen over a period of time.’

Alternatives Uncovered’, December 1999 

“I went along to the Spiritualist Church for healing myself and through being given spiritual messages and through being given healing I was made better. That gave me the Faith to work myself, initially to train as a medium”.

Graham Dare

“The practitioners have to have …..from three to five years full time training and they have to have a number of years experience before they can start practising. Graham Dare worked here for over 5 years from Oct/98 until he retired from healing Feb/04.”

“Healing is a gift, so you have to use your judgement and look at their background with Healers, to see if they really have the gift”

Four hundred years ago King Henry VIII started the first Royal fund for Spiritual Healers. Queen Elizabeth is known to carry around a black bag filled with Homeopathic Remedies

The quotations above are taken from the Discovery Health Channel programme, ‘Alternatives Uncovered’.

June 2003

‘Toyah Wilcox: I believe 100% in Telepathy and I believe it is idiotic not to believe in it.’

‘Graham was the only one of the TV audience of 100 people (including 30 mediums) to get 2 of 3 (the sea and sun, but not the boat) correct.’

‘Graham Dare: Clairvoyance is seeing and clairaudience hearing and I got clairvoyance for the star and clairaudience for the 4.’

‘Carol V.: The men got 30% which is statistically significant as it is above the chance average of 20%.’

Halloween 2003


‘Presenter: Graham will now demonstrate live TV clairvoyance.’


‘Caller said he had bad back but Graham said it was his leg and then caller confirmed he had to stretch his leg in the morning as the pain extended down it.’


‘Presenter: Wow, I’m impressed.’


‘Celebrity guest: Graham was brilliant as he identified my bad neck, my motorbike accident, my disk being nominated for an award, and the location of the shoot.’

Illustrated London News, Healing’

Who Dare’s wins’, Claire Roberts

Article in Illustrated London News, Xmas 2002 – Spiritual healer Graham Dare’s work is based on the belief that there is a spirit world from which he is able to “tap” energy.

He explains his method: “During a session I become a channel for healing energy, tuning in to find out when, and where, to move next on the body. Healers do not use their own power – it comes from the spirit guides with whom we communicate.” 

An hour long session is an intense experience. The first touch might come as a shock – even though he is merely resting his hands on you, a warm, pulsing sensation is immediately palpable. Such is the soothing nature of the therapy that patients often fall asleep. Graham’s healing hands treat a wide range of symptoms, and he can also give a clairvoyant reading. Non-believers take heed – this guinea pig was cured of a condition that had plagued her for years. Tel: 020 7831 9387

July 24- Aug 6th 2002 

H & Claire Richards Future Predicted

Graham gave ‘spookily accurate information, and a very perceptive reading from the

Crystal Ball, H was genuinely touched, comforted, and said it was lovely’.

Elizabeth made Claire ‘calm from the very positive Tarot reading, and the

family things made sense’.

Alice’s psychometry made ‘H sit up and look intrigued, and he was impressed

by her touching on his past’.

These, and other mediums, can be booked for parties and private readings.

Spiritual Healing

Used to combat stress, Physical pain, and tiredness. Hands are laid either on the body

or just above it, and there is a tremendous sensation of energy pouring through the body. Although the initial reaction may be exhaustion, the long-term effects are physically and mentally soothing.

‘To this day I have no idea whether the experience I went through was real or imagined’

Graham Dare 020 7831 9387

Verdict :As good as, if not better than, a massage long term.

Harpers & Queen, August 2000

Article by Annabel Heseltine 

Millie Turnbull, June 2003

Graham Dare, the clairvoyant, explained how clairvoyance works: You can ask questions about specific areas of your life, or simply sit back and listen to his reading. I gave him my mobile phone so he could pick up any information about what I should be doing career-wise. Graham immediately reached behind his shoulder blades and started rubbing, something that I always do at work. He said that all my stress and tension is stored in my shoulders – I do experience a lot of soreness there. He also said that my boyfriend had moved to Canada. My ex- boyfriend went to Canada after we’d split up and still lives there now. The overall experience had a positive effect on me and I feel much brighter about my future as a result.

‘My own surprising brush with the paranormal’, Tasha Kosviner

March 2003 – Tasha Kosviner, with the spirit of scepticism, investigates the other side.

I visited the clairvoyant Graham Dare, who practices in a consulting room in London’s diamond capital, Hatton Garden. A softly spoken man, Graham claims to use his contact with the spirits to be able to read things from everyday objects. I had a passport in my bag that I handed to him, explaining that I had been on a trip to France on Sunday.

“That’s funny,” he mused when he had hold of it. “I am getting the strong sense that you went away on Saturday.” Then I realised my mistake – I had indeed gone away on Saturday.

He also handled my boyfriend’s passport and, pulling at his earlobe, announced that my boyfriend had a sore left ear. Bizarrely, he had just had his left ear pierced.

September 2003

‘Graham Dare reinforced my belief, after my experiences, that intuition is the key, that psychic ability is within us all. As much as we need to communicate with each other, we must listen to our hearts and have that we intrinsically know what nurtures or destroys us. 

We need peace in our lives to listen and the confidence to let go. Graham stressed that we can

learn a lot from our dreams, that sleep is similar to the feeling mediums experience when they rise up and look over the horizon.’

What’s On The Other Side – June 2000 

Visiting a medium doesn’t have to be a series of spooky events. Members of the Spiritualist Church are turning heads – and no, not in the style of Linda Blair in the Exorcist – with their healing abilities. As opposed to spiritual healing – where the Healing comes from the practitioner’s faith – in spiritualist healing, a medium alters their state of consciousness to a semi-trance. They then get in touch with a spirit guide who directs the medium to pass on information, philosophy, or healing.

Spiritualism is a religion based on the belief that spirits survive natural death. It dates back to 1848, when 2 American sisters, Margaretta and Catherine Fox were said to have established contact with a spirit. The first British Spiritualist Church was founded in Keighley in 1853.

Graham Dare of the Battersea Spiritualist Church (020 783 19 387) says: ‘The term medium is not coincidental. Mediumship is like channelling electricity through a cable. A medium does not use his/her own power; it is the guides who help, and many of us have several contacts in the spirit world.’ And if you are worried about hearing information you don’t want to, Graham is quick to reassure: ‘We contact the spirit necessary for the desired aim; some help to heal, others give clairvoyance. 

But we don’t give out negative messages. If we did find something disturbing, we’d encrypt it, like the Oracle at Delphi. People can take what they want from a session.’

Croydon Guardian, Clairvoyance

28/01/04 Happy To Be … a clairvoyant.

The clairvoyant who dares to be different. Say the word clairvoyant to most people and they immediately think of a woman dressed in bright clothing peering into a crystal ball. Helen Barnes meets one clairvoyant who breaks the mould.

If you spotted Graham Dare in the street you would probably walk past him without a second glance for there is nothing to suggest he has an extraordinary gift. The slim, softly spoken 49-year-old does not immediately strike you as a clairvoyant. In fact when I met him he was dressed in his work clothes having just returned home from his day job in IT.

But there is an aura around Graham that immediately makes you feel relaxed and open to what he has to say. He first learned that he had an unusual skill as a child but admits he tried to protect himself from it, scared of what it could be. “As a child I was open to hearing voices, imaginary friends, seeing doors closing, he says. “I found it really scary so I veered away from it, you protect yourself from it.

“But when I got older I heard a medium on the radio which was quite inspirational. I went to see a group of mediums perform at Lewisham Theatre and then I learned that you could go to your local spiritualist church to find out more.” Graham visited Battersea Spiritualist Church 12 years ago and was given clairvoyance by a healer, which he says was accurate in predicting the future. It gave him the inspiration to learn more about his gift and to develop it.

“A lot of people do clairvoyance naturally,” he says. “Our main job is to prove life after death. “Essentially what we are doing is tuning into the spirit world and drawing energy through having made that link. “But we can also give readings that look into the present and future. We are not supposed to give advice or tell people what to do but we can give people guidance without telling them what to do.” Graham is quite rare as a medium – because he is a man.

The majority of clairvoyants are women and he says that is partly because women are more naturally intuitive than men and also because the fairer sex tends to live longer. He says many clairvoyants have lost a partner and their loss has led them to join a spiritualist church.

He adds: “There is always a high proportion of women coming for readings because women believe in it more. “You do get men coming. Usually it is to do with relationships, sometimes it is about their career. Calirvoyance is also about people who want their relatives to come through.

That is the most challenging reading because you can’t guarantee who is going to come through. It is a bit like turning on the TV without the radio times and you want to see Dirk Bogart.

“He might not be on any of the channels but if you come back tomorrow he could be.” Graham only started working professionally as a clairvoyant in 1998 a year after the death of Princess Diana. Three days before the Princess died in a car crash in Paris, Graham had written to her saying he had seen a lady in a fast car. At the time he didn’t know that she would be involved in an accident but now says that his prediction gave him the confidence to set up his own consultancy.

His client list includes a string of celebrities – TV presenters Michaela Strachan and Donna Air – among the people he has given readings to.

But Graham admits while clairvoyance is physically draining it is rewarding because his gift helps people. I admit I was slightly sceptical when Graham asked me if I wanted a reading. I’d never visited a clairvoyant before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Before he started Graham explained that he didn’t want me to feed him information or to completely clam up but to answer yes or no if asked a question. He works with props so asked me for a personal item that he could hold and try and tune into explaining that the item can work a bit like a jump lead, helping him to get a sense of what you are like.

I handed over my watch and mobile phone and sat back as I waited to see what would happen next. After a brief pause, he said the word juniper which reminded me of someone who drank gin. I’m not going to disclose the rest of the reading, just wait and see what happens and if it is 100 percent accurate.

My Life: Clairvoyant Graham Dare

March 2003

Graham Dare based in Hatton Garden EC1 since 2002 has been a clairvoyant and spiritualist healer for 11 years.


I’ve been working professionally as a healer for 3 years, and a clairvoyant for 5 years, and on a voluntary basis in Battersea Spiritualist church for 11 years.


I’ve used it for clairvoyance and healing since November last year. Prior to that I worked out of various London Clinics instead of having my own consulting room.


To start with, you need to be able to tune in to the spirit world. That takes quite a long time but once you’ve done that you can branch out and use that energy from the Spirit World to convert it into clairvoyance or healing energy.


No, it started when I was young, but when you are a child, and you’ve got that ability, you can’t really control it. Doors were opening, and things like that. You get scared of it and you can’t avoid it. When you train

through something like a spiritualist church you learn to control it. Once you can control it you learn to shut down and open up – you can get what you want from it on demand.



Apart from the benefits of healing, in terms of being a spiritualist, our job in to prove life after death. That has a dual function. If they know more about death then they are less stressed and scared about it. It’s also

about dealing with loss of a loved one and proving to someone that their loved one is still there in spirit – then it is much easier for them to come to terms with. In terms of how I can prove it – you can tell them things

about their loved one so they know you are actually talking to them. But obviously cynics might say that doesn’t prove anything apart from knowing how to read their mind by picking up on their mannerisms. The only real benefit is if I tell them something about the person who has passed on that they don’t know, then they go and check and that way it is proved.



Oh yes. Our job as mediums is if someone comes along for a private reading they might want guidance about careers or relationships, how many children they are going to have, what sex they will be and so on. A lot of private readings I do are about telling the future. That, of course, opens up different conundrums because, in a sense, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus, we tend to give the reading in a form you wouldn’t recognise it until it actually happens.



I don’t tune in unless I want to tune in so unless I particularly want to know if a journalist is going to contact me I don’t bother to ask.



It’s possible but the thing with doing clairvoyance is you can’t dictate who comes though. As a medium you open up and whatever person comes through, you pass on. Normally that person is someone you know.



I certainly had Princess Diana coming through in a way that it was self-evident that it was her. Not really any famous people though.



Helping people. The healing is obviously the best thing if they come to you with a condition then come back saying that the condition they had has gone.



Many mediums will use props. Partly because the props might help them – for example, if you stare at a crystal ball, it makes you more relaxed so your eyes aren’t darting around the room. Some use props for specific reasons and others because the people like you to use props. Rather than sitting there and them wondering what is going to happen, using tealeaves, a crystal ball, runes, or whatever makes them more relaxed.



I think I could certainly help to open up their minds to how other people are thinking and how other people might react. I could guide on a pathway to make things easier for them and for mankind as a whole. The most obvious thing I could do for them is tell them where certain people would be now or at six o’clock tomorrow morning. That’s if they would actually programme a Cruise missile on blind faith that the medium is right. What tends to happen is that you can give people the sort of information in a way that might be proved after the event but whether you can give them that information knowing that it will change the course of history is more arguable. For example Nostradamus’ prediction about the ‘great dividing wall of flame’ referring to September 11th.

Good Friday 2002

Sarah Champion – Heartbeat FM

‘I felt better 2 days after the 2 healing sessions, and the clairvoyance told me when and where

to go for remedies, and now I’m great and feel fab.’

BBC Radio Asian Network, Clairvoyance

Sonia Deol


Graham “used his Uri Gellar like psychic powers to redirect the BT lines before his interview, and bring them back in time for the phone in session”.


Graham predicted the time the BBC car would take getting to the studio in London from Surrey exactly to the minute.

Graham Dare, An Interview

Graham has some interesting thoughts on auras, and he told PN:


When we see ‘religious’ paintings they invariably have a glow around the ‘Saintly’ people in them. This is sometimes referred to as a halo. The original drawers of these paintings therefore, must have had the ability to see the aura around these people, and notice that they were giving off a positive energy.


Spiritual energy cannot normally be seen, like we see the normal colours of the rainbow in the wavelengths we can see of the electro-magnetic spectrum. But the fact that we cannot normally see this does not mean it does not exist. We cannot see magnetism, radioactivity, radio waves, etc., but science has discovered them. Most of the universe consists of ‘black’ matter that we cannot see, but scientific calculations show that this matter/energy exists, and science will one day discover how to communicate with this spiritual energy.


As mediums we train ourselves to alter the state of our minds to be able to see things that we cannot see while in normal consciousness. We can also hear and feel things in this state also, that would not normally be possible. Once we learn to link with spirit, we can then learn to use this link for such skills as healing, clairvoyance, inspired talking and so on. Our bodies are controlled by electrical energy from the brain, via

our nervous system, and as with any electrical device, a magnetic field is created around it.


For us to be healthy we need to be in a ‘negative’ magnetic environment, which is natural in the countryside, but in towns there is the friction caused by buildings as the wind passes by which creates a ‘positive’ charge, which is bad for us. This is made much worse by electrical equipment around us such as TVs and computers. An ioniser is used by many people in the world to counter this, but healing has the same effect of regularising the magnetic charge of our auras.


As we learn to read the aura, we will find that some colours will indicate different conditions of mind, and body, but the meanings of these colours will mean different things to different mediums, so we must use our own intuition to interpret these from experience; in the same way that clairvoyant symbols mean different things to different



To see the aura it helps to be in a dark room, and in order to alter the state of one’s mind it is best to stare at the space just behind the person, and try not to blink too often, then after a while you will find that the surroundings blur, and the aura will start to appear.


We all have different skills as mediums, and some people will make more use of the aura than others. We must concentrate on the skills we find we have through our development pathways. Some skills will also come later than others.

Graham is definitely professional, and there is definitely something going on and it was a warm and relaxing energy

As Graham had done email readings for an online newspaper with great success when a reader asked to find a child who went missing on 3/May/2007 in the news, Graham said he would only give a reading direct to the magazine, rather than to the reader, so the Editor Simon Bull sent a reporter on 13th June 2007, and the attached 9 pages were written by him in his hand writing as Graham spoke, stating the name of the Abductor, see middle bottom page. “Jen” is a Christian name meaning Fair Phantom or Fair. Bökr, pronounced Berker, is almost identical to the name of the chief suspect now held by German authorities. 

The newspaper only published their choice of key points, attached, on 14th June 2007, and then deleted the post the next day, but did not state the name and this man is now also accused of another case 8 years later on 2nd May 2015. Graham could not load these on his latest 2005 web site at the time as it was not self-editable, but he did load it on his older website which was on a server that closed in 2015, so Graham then sent the 9 pages of notes to the 2 investigating teams highlighting the name. Graham is retired, and no longer in London, and will not respond to any queries on this, and this media clip is confidential for reading interest only and not for sharing. This text explanation was updated 13th June 2021 exactly 14 years after the attached readings due to the latest news from Germany. 


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